Propane is Efficient

No matter how you look at propane, it’s a good value. Furnaces, Stoves, Water Heaters – you name it – propane pretty much powers them all. When you choose propane appliances, you are choosing luxury without exorbitant cost. Based on US Department of Energy statistics, over time propane costs nearly half as much per BTU as electricity and because propane is so efficient and reliable – it makes all appliances operate  a little better.

Propane- powered homes stand out but the tanks don’t have to. Single-family homes can be fueled by tanks of varying sizes, depending on the demand. Since propane is environmentally friendly, the tanks are perfect for storing underground. Sometimes, placing a propane tank underground isn’t an option. That doesn’t mean a tank can’t be located or landscaped tastefully to minimize its view!

Propane Fireplaces
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Propane Space heaters
Enjoying Your Deck, Patio & Yard
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Cooking With Propane
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Converting your home to propane

Have you been considering propane for your home? Tired of the performance and inefficiencies of your existing appliances? Country Propane can help. We will conduct a FREE on-site evaluation of your existing appliances and how we can help you to convert them to LP Gas. Based on our evaluation we will write a customer proposal for your consideration. Upon acceptance of the proposal, and your good credit, the work to be performed is coordinated with your schedule and that of our service technicians. Payment for the job is then carried out according to the terms agreed upon within the proposal. Contact us to get started!